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Finance Works

Easier Financial Management!

FinanceWorks powered by Quicken solves your most important, everyday financial decision-making with ease by helping you budget and gain control over your spending. FinanceWorks automatically catergorizes your expenses to allow you to get a more complete picture of your spending – in just minutes! With an easy-to-read snapshot of your finances, you’ll be able to see where your money is going and identify places to save!

FREE feature of FinanceWorks:

  • Access your total financial picture in one place and view spending behaviors to help with important financial decision-making.
  • Gain immediate visibility to valuable insights
  • Get on track with budgets and know exactly where you are spending.
  • Transactions are automatically categorized and displayed graphically
  • Aggregate outside accounts, choosing from over 19,000 financial institutions
  • View spending, income and savings activity
  • Explore specific spending categories to view transaction details
  • Set up budget to track spending behavior
Learn more by watching our FinanceWorks Demo

Get started today!

Simply log in to Online Banking and click on the “Manage Money” tab, then click the “Account Overview” link under FinanceWorks. It’s that easy. If you have questions, click on the “help” link located on each page or call 219-769-1700.