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Youth Savings Account

It’s never too early to open a savings account at U S Federal Credit Union! With a U S FCU Youth Savings Account, anyone under the age of 18 can start saving.

To open the Youth Savings Account:

  • U S FCU will need to make a copy of the minor’s Social Security card and birth certificate
  • An adult over the age of 18 is required to be a joint member on the account
    • The joint member on the account will also have to provide a driver’s license with a valid address to open the Youth Savings Account
  • $5 is required to open the account
    • A balance of $50 is required at the end of each month to avoid a $7.50 fee
  • The Youth Savings Account can be opened by the joint member on the account without the minor being present

Youth Checking Account

U S Federal Credit Union is excited to offer Youth Checking Accounts to minors over the age of 16. With a Youth Checking Account, minors are able to have a debit card and checks linked to their account with U S FCU!

To open the Youth Checking Account

  • The minor on the account must be 16 years of age or older
  • An existing Youth Savings Account must be open before opening a Youth Checking Account
  • A joint member that is 18 years or older is required to open the Youth Checking Account

Access to the Youth Savings and Checking Accounts:

At U S FCU, we allow minors to have full access to their Youth Savings Account and Youth Checking Account. In order for a minor to have full access to an account, we require a letter from the joint member stating that the minor has full access to their account. This letter is also needed when a minor would like a debit card or checks for their Youth Checking Account.

Here at U S Federal Credit Union we feel it is important for young people to learn more about financial literacy. Learning how to manage money is a very important part of growing up and our staff is always available to help answer any questions that may come up. We plan to hold in-person meetings and events to better inform our youth members about being financially responsible so make sure to follow U S FCU on social media and check your email inboxes for new updates on these events!