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Introducing External Loan Payments and Transfers!


We are excited to announce that we have expanded the functionality of our online banking and we are now offering our members the ability to make and receive external transfers and the ability to pay a loan using an outside account

External Transfers

With External Transfers you can easily move money between your accounts with us and other financial institutions. External Transfers eliminates the need to visit a branch or write checks, allows you to schedule automatic, recurring transfers for a simple savings plan, and gives you control of your money all from one dashboard. To get started using External Transfers, simply login to online banking and go to Move Money > External Transfer.

External Loan Payments

Need to pay your loan here using an account elsewhere? No problem! With External Loan Payments you can easily make your loan payment from an outside account when needed, save time making payments with no need to visit branches or write checks, schedule automatic, recurring payments, and switch between your internal or external accounts to pay your loan when you need to. To get started using External Loan Payments, simply login to online banking and go to Move Money > External Loan Payment.