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Mortgage Information

In order to process your loan in a timely manner, we request that our applicant(s) provide the following information at the time of your mortgage application.

Purchase Information:

  • Copy of signed purchase agreement
  • Copy of earnest money (bring receipt showing payment accepted)
  • Copy of loan documents for borrowed down payment. (first 5% must be from own saved funds)
  • Signed Gift Letter plus verification the donor (must be a blood relative) had the funds to give.

For refinancing mortgages:

  • Copy of existing deed, current mortgage or a copy of existing Title Insurance
  • Property Tax Statement
  • Statement showing current mortgage balance

Verification of Employment and / or other income:

  • Names, address and phone numbers of all employers for previous two (2) years
  • Borrower and / or co-borrower's income (30 days worth of paycheck stubs)
  • Copy of diploma or school transcripts (if 24 months of employment cannot be verified)
  • Two (2) years of signed Federal Tax Returns, with all schedules and W-2's (actual copy)
  • Any rental income (current, signed lease agreements)

Principal residence address for two (2) previous years:

  • Name, address and phone number of landlord, if currently renting
  • Name, address of any Mortgage Company, with account number and type of loan

Liquid assets with name and address of institution and account numbers:

  • Checking and savings accounts with approximate balance, (two months most recent bank statement)

Real estate other than present home:

  • Property Type
  • Mortgage Holder
  • Mortgage Balance
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Market Value of Real Estate
  • Taxes, Hazard Insurance and maintenance records

Liabilities (with name and address of lending institution and account number)

  • All revolving and / or credit card accounts active (with current monthly statement)
  • Any installment loan or 90 day note (with current monthly balance)
  • Auto loans with monthly payment and approximate balance (if coupon payment, please provide coupon)
  • Government and / or student loans

The following items may be required once your loan has been approved

  • Public health approval of the well and septic system
  • A copy of the Hud-1 settlement statement to verify the sale of your present home the payment of any liens on this home and to show your net proceeds
  • If Self-Employed additional information may be required