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Susie Teller

Our touch-tone automated service allows you to access your account anytime. By dialing (219) 769-0275, (219) 769-0284 or (219) 769-7624 you can receive account and loan inquires, make payments, transfers & withdrawals, and much more without assistance from our staff.

Susie Teller Services:

Please enter your member number followed by the # sign.
Please enter your access code followed by the # sign.
Please enter your account number followed by the # sign.
#1 account is for your Savings Account
#2 account is for your Checking Account

Account & Loan Inquires: Codes
Share Account Balance 1-1-1-1
Share Draft Balance 1-1-1-2
Other Account Balances 1-1-1-3
List of Deposits 1-1-2-1
List of Withdrawals 1-1-2-2
Dividends Earned Year to Date 1-1-2-3
List of All Activities 1-1-2-4
List of drafts on your Share Draft account 1-1-3-1
Specific draft on your Share Draft account 1-1-3-2
List of drafts on a specific account 1-1-3-3
Specific draft on a specific account 1-1-3-4
Balance & Payment on your LOC 1-1-4-1
Balance & Payment on other Loans 1-1-4-2
Loan Interest paid Year to Date 1-1-4-3
Payments, Transfers & Withdrawals: Codes
Loan Payment from Share account 1-2-1-1
Loan Payment from Share Draft account 1-2-1-2
Loan Payment from another account 1-2-1-3
Loan Payment from a Loan advance - LOC 1-2-1-4
Transfer from Share to Share Draft account 1-2-2-1
Transfer from Share Draft to Share account 1-2-2-2
Transfer from a Loan to Share Draft account 1-2-2-3
Transfer from a Loan to Share account 1-2-2-4
Select Accounts to Transfer 1-2-2-5
Select a Loan and Account to Transfer 1-2-2-6
Cross Member transfer to your membership 1-2-3-1
Cross Member transfer from your membership 1-2-3-2
Mail a check from your Share Draft account 1-2-4-1
Mail a check from a specific account 1-2-4-2
Other Activities: Codes
Single Stop Payment on a Check 1-3-4-1
Stop Payment on a Check range 1-3-4-2
Stop Payment by Amount of Check 1-3-4-3
Report a lost Debit or ATM Card 1-3-5-1
Report as Stolen Debit or ATM Card 1-3-5-2